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From di mini teatro to DMT

Historically, while the company was called “di mini teatro”, the work was centered on the mask, the street theater and the Roma communities.

The purpose of the company was to bring together and carry out team street theater projects, particularly in the slums of Lille. Armed with their masks, accompanied by their trumpeter (alias Jeanp) and provided with their canvas, they crisscross the grounds, have the inhabitants write and stage them.
Then comes the time to go and meet the Roma in the villages of Hungary to develop the work …


A first Europe Creative project with Ukraine and Hungary was born. Boris takes the artistic direction of a project mixing the folk arts of deep Ukraine, a Hungarian rock star, the musicians of the collective Tire-Laine and the actors of the di mini teatro. From this project was born an ephemeral spectacle.


This is how the company takes the direction of Eastern Europe with the Play! MOBILE project mixing street art, performance, plastic work and international teamwork.


This project will establish the collaboration between Boris Dymny and Marc Duport and establish their new line of work: Creation NarrActive.


Today, at the crossroads of street theater, plastic installation, social theater, writing, music, the DMT places itself under the banner of social ties with the weapons of culture.

The founders of DMT


Actor and musician (jazz violin), also trained in the art of puppetry and mime (body segmentation). He worked for many years alongside Vincent Dujardin, company TCF (Transport Culturel Fluvial) and works as an assistant to Thierry Poquet, company Eolie Songe on European projects. Today, he co-directs the DMT and works as an actor and as an actor director.



Author, director, actor and musician, and singer. His NarrActive Creation method is inspired by street theater and the Commedia dell’Arte, among others. He was initially formed by a diversity of approach and references: Mario Gonzales, Carlo Boso, Jeannine Worms, the Samovar school then at Le Cerisier where he will rub Serge Noyelles, Marion Coutris and Michel Crespin.

The DMT team

Known for everything, Camille got her start in ticketing, public reception and communication before specializing in production and administration. Today she integrates DMT for project management and production of the company.

Actor trained at the Amiens and Roubaix conservatories, he completed his training at the Lassaad international school in Brussels. He became interested in Clown and quickly joined Gilles Defacques’ team at Prato. He also turns to the so-called “Young Audience” theater with La Manivelle Théâtre, De Commerce et d’Industrie, La Compagnie de Lyse, Ta Zoa … For several years, he has continued his work around masked play with the Di mini Teatro.

Actor, he trained at the Higher School of Actors in Liège. Passionate about technique, he trained with Slava Kokorine, Lenard Petit, Natalie Yalon, Esther Molo and the company NAJE. He plays in the shows of Muriel Cocquet, Antoine Lemaire, Jean-François Pellez and Boris Dymny. He works as an actor director on European projects with DMT.