Words have no borders | DMT
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Words have no borders

After a first meeting in situ with a few residents of the aviator district, we became aware of the need to “tell” and tell. Indeed this district today suffers from a feeling of lack of support from politicians and a lack of means. This lack of means is related to the decline in access to certain public services and the lack of prevention (local police, post office, transport, cultural space, etc.)
This vibrant, vibrant neighborhood in the 1980s became a “ghetto” like so many others. A border has thus been created between the city of Lille, the Bois Blanc district and the airmen.
Drugs, violence, insecurity, dilapidation have become everyday elements. The inhabitants thus feel stigmatized because of their habitat.
Creative Narr’Active can respond to the need to say and express yourself. Through this project, we are offering them the opportunity to tell a daily story. When we met some of these inhabitants we were struck by their realism and their resignation.


So, by giving the words back to the inhabitants, either in writing, through play or other media through the Creation Narr’Active, we will allow them to intervene and act at least for a moment on their daily, in order to promote living together in a more sustainable way.


The main goal of this project is to see the appropriation of these stories through the eyes of the audiences in question. We want to make them authors and stakeholder in the constitution of a heritage, of a local common culture, which remains a living, contemporary and tangible culture, and not a hidden and stigmatized culture… As well as a weapon for a better- live, and a positive evolution of their lives. We also seek the exchange between populations in order to provoke dialogues, and by the same token, a better understanding of the other. This is why we also want to reach other populations, such as the Roma from the home on the rue de Cassel or the users of neighborhood structures outside the aviators, who too can face complex social problems in disadvantaged neighborhoods. , living in social housing, prey to isolation. By crossing writing methods, then by putting them in parallel, we aim to provoke an awareness of the other in order to contribute to better living together.


This project is in partnership with the city of Lille