Academy for actors of civil change | DMT
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Academy for actors of civil change

The Academy for Actors of Civil Change aims to broaden the skills of professionals in the socio-educational field, youth workers and people working with disadvantaged audiences in remote regions of the world. It offers the possibility of sharing and disseminating their knowledge, by connecting the participating organizations and by widening European cooperation in the field of education and training.

It is an educational project based on a pedagogical approach, adding an innovative layer from the performing arts, methods used and improved by experts. The project not only focuses on the quality of theoretical teaching, but also creates an opportunity to put into practice the newly acquired knowledge in order to foster future community development in the local Hungarian context, as well as to expand it to a level international.


The two-week program invites 40 young professionals representing 8 organizations from all over Europe to learn and experiment with new ways of working with disadvantaged young people through special social art practices in the fields of educational theater techniques, mask and object work, psychology, sociology, music and other disciplines. DMT brings the NarrActive Creation approach to it.


This project is in partnership with Erasmus +